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org::javacc::parser::RChoice Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::javacc::parser::RChoice:

org::javacc::parser::RegularExpression org::javacc::parser::Expansion

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Detailed Description

Describes regular expressions which are choices from from among included regular expressions.

Definition at line 31 of file RChoice.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean CanMatchAnyChar ()
void CheckUnmatchability ()
Nfa GenerateNfa (boolean ignoreCase)
int hashCode ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void reInit ()

Public Attributes

java.util.Vector choices = new java.util.Vector()
boolean inMinimumSize = false
String label = ""
java.util.Vector lhsTokens = new java.util.Vector()
long myGeneration = 0
Object parent
boolean private_rexp = false
TokenProduction tpContext = null

Static Public Attributes

static long nextGenerationIndex = 1

Package Functions

void CompressCharLists ()
void CompressChoices ()

Package Attributes

int column
String internal_name = ""
int line
int ordinal
boolean phase3done = false
int walkStatus = 0

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