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org::javacc::parser::JavaCCGlobals Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This package contains data created as a result of parsing and semanticizing a JavaCC input file. This data is what is used by the back-ends of JavaCC as well as any other back-end of JavaCC related tools such as JJTree.

Definition at line 34 of file JavaCCGlobals.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static String add_escapes (String str)
static String addUnicodeEscapes (String str)
static void bannerLine (String fullName, String ver)
static String getIdString (Vector toolNames, String fileName)
static String getIdString (String toolName, String fileName)
static Vector getToolNames (String fileName)
static boolean isGeneratedBy (String toolName, String fileName)
static void reInit ()
static void setOutputDir ()
static String staticOpt ()
static void storeOutputDirSpec (Object loc, String val)

Static Public Attributes

static java.util.Vector bnfproductions = new java.util.Vector()
static java.util.Vector cu_from_insertion_point_2 = new java.util.Vector()
static String cu_name
static java.util.Vector cu_to_insertion_point_1 = new java.util.Vector()
static java.util.Vector cu_to_insertion_point_2 = new java.util.Vector()
static String fileName
static boolean jjcovGenerated
static boolean jjtreeGenerated
static java.util.Hashtable lexstate_I2S = new java.util.Hashtable()
static java.util.Hashtable lexstate_S2I = new java.util.Hashtable()
static java.util.Hashtable named_tokens_table = new java.util.Hashtable()
static java.util.Hashtable names_of_tokens = new java.util.Hashtable()
static java.util.Vector ordered_named_tokens = new java.util.Vector()
static String origFileName
static File outputDir = new File(System.getProperty("user.dir"))
static java.util.Hashtable production_table = new java.util.Hashtable()
static java.util.Vector rexprlist = new java.util.Vector()
static java.util.Hashtable rexps_of_tokens = new java.util.Hashtable()
static java.util.Hashtable simple_tokens_table = new java.util.Hashtable()
static java.util.Vector token_mgr_decls
static int tokenCount
static Vector toolNames

Static Protected Member Functions

static String printLeadingComments (Token t)
static void printLeadingComments (Token t, java.io.PrintWriter ostr)
static String printToken (Token t)
static void printToken (Token t, java.io.PrintWriter ostr)
static String printTokenOnly (Token t)
static void printTokenOnly (Token t, java.io.PrintWriter ostr)
static void printTokenSetup (Token t)
static String printTrailingComments (Token t)
static void printTrailingComments (Token t, java.io.PrintWriter ostr)

Static Protected Attributes

static int ccol
static int cline
static int jj2index = 0
static int maskindex = 0
static Vector maskVals = new Vector()
static final String toolName = "JavaCC"

Static Package Attributes

static Action actForEof
static String nextStateForEof

Static Private Member Functions

static Vector makeToolNameVector (String str)

Static Private Attributes

static String outputDirName = null
static Object outputDirNameLoc = null

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