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package org.javacc.parser;

 * Describes JavaCC productions.

00029 public class NormalProduction {

   * The line and column number of the construct that corresponds
   * most closely to this node.
00035   public int line, column;

   * The NonTerminal nodes which refer to this production.
00040   java.util.Vector parents = new java.util.Vector();

   * The name of the non-terminal of this production.
00045   public String lhs;

   * The tokens that make up the return type of this production.
00050   public java.util.Vector return_type_tokens = new java.util.Vector();

   * The tokens that make up the parameters of this production.
00055   public java.util.Vector parameter_list_tokens = new java.util.Vector();

   * Each entry in this vector is a vector of tokens that represents an
   * exception in the throws list of this production.  This list does not
   * include ParseException which is always thrown.
00062   public java.util.Vector throws_list = new java.util.Vector();

   * The RHS of this production.  Not used for JavaCodeProduction.
00067   public Expansion expansion;

   * This boolean flag is true if this production can expand to empty.
00072   boolean emptyPossible = false;

   * A list of all non-terminals that this one can expand to without
   * having to consume any tokens.  Also an index that shows how many
   * pointers exist.
00079   NormalProduction[] leftExpansions = new NormalProduction[10];
  int leIndex = 0;

   * The following variable is used to maintain state information for the
   * left-recursion determination algorithm:  It is initialized to 0, and
   * set to -1 if this node has been visited in a pre-order walk, and then
   * it is set to 1 if the pre-order walk of the whole graph from this
   * node has been traversed.  i.e., -1 indicates partially processed,
   * and 1 indicates fully processed.
00090   int walkStatus = 0;

   * The first and last tokens from the input stream that represent this
   * production.
00096   public Token firstToken, lastToken;


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